22 de setembro de 2010

Title: Cardiovascular Continuum (VIDEO)

Um video muito bem feito sobre saúde cardiovascular!!!


Voyage into your body to see an amazing creation you're born with: the perfect cardiovascular system. A lifetime of poor health habits can destroy that system and lead to major medical problems and a shortened lifespan, but it doesn't have to be that way. You have the power to keep your body and mind healthy, strong, and alive. See how you can live longer and live better.

The Cardiovascular Continuum
The cardiovascular continuum links various risk factors, like hypertension and high cholesterol levels, with different types of heart disease that become progressively more severe throughout a person's life. By treating risk factors that occur early on in the cardiovascular continuum, like hypertension, it may be possible to prevent or slow the development of heart disease and to prolong life.

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